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Are Your Kids ADD, ADHD or Intuitively Gifted?

The National Association of Gifted Children report that gifted children are being misdiagnosed with ADD and ADHD, and prescribed drugs which inhibit their ability to function and develop their gifts. In my work, it is clear that young people who are intuitive also demonstrate symptoms listed under “learning disorders.”  Hear more about this at Evanston Library tomorrow night, Thursday, in... Read more »

Free Psycho, Psychic, Energy Healing ... What?

When I was invited to speak at the Psychotronics Association Annual Conference on Multi-Sensory Children, I had to ask: “Psycho what?” I thought at first they’d found me out and that I was to speak to “my own kind” (psychos) or perhaps I would be fortunate enough to be speaking with other psychics. As it turns... Read more »