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The Courage of Forgiveness: The Other Side of 911

The Courage of Forgiveness: The Other Side of 911
The hole left at Ground Zero stands as a reminder of the hole left in the heart of our nation when innocent people were taken from us – and a wound was imprinted on our national soul. Listening to Paul Simon sing Sounds of Silence at Ground Zero seems eerily appropriate. While our family thought... Read more »

Know Any "Old Soul" Kids?

If you know anyone from ages 8-18 who is quirky, different, really bright and unconventional, or has intuitive gifts, please tell them to join us at Intuitive Kids Leadership Camp – which starts this Sunday afternoon at Heaven Meets Earth Yoga Studio in Evanston.  This past weekend, I worked with Rick, a 16 year old... Read more »

A Supernatural Battle between Demons and The Light

Since 2005, interest in the paranormal has grown exponentially, in no small part to movies such as the recent Paranormal Activity, as well as a plethora of television shows, from Ghost Hunters, to Paranormal States, to Most Haunted, to name a few. Wikipedia now has an entry called “Paranormal Television!” I spoke this past weekend at a Conference... Read more »

Dead People Aren't Always That Easy to Read

Some people can see and hear dead people like Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s character on Ghost Whisperers. I’m a medium who is more like Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost when she’s telling Demi Moore what Patrick Swayze said – I mostly hear them. Sometimes dead people speak in words and sometimes they give impressions or symbols. Interpreting... Read more »