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Three Blizzard Meditations

Being holed up in one place as a result of a blizzard can feel confining – or it can feel liberating. After you are done finding the right educational videos for your kids, and after you have spent some special time getting work done in a more focused way, there are some blizzard meditations that... Read more »

Which Voice is Your Voice?

When the Bears made their decisions today – on plays as well as in-the-moment decisions, which or whose voice did they hear and follow? Seems as though they missed the mark on those choices. So, what does it take to be clear enough to follow intuition? A friend of mine told me her thoughts: There... Read more »

Fields of Influence

Given the proximity to 2012, how can we not live each day as though it was the final gift of this life? While making a self-promise to be kind may seem simple, on the many days we crawl through multiple priorities, it may feel nearly impossible. There is another reason why it feels challenging…it’s the... Read more »

Let's Create a Miracle around the Gulf Oil Spill

I can barely look at the BP logo or tune into reports on the Gulf Coast oil spill without feeling physically weak. Allowing myself to even contemplate the impact of this disaster feels like a really bad idea for achieving any kind of productivity in my day. But, then I thought about the power of the collective... Read more »