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Life Purpose: Three Elements to Realize It

Life Purpose: Three Elements to Realize It
“What is my life purpose?” is a frequently asked question in my intuitive practice. Often clients who ask this question are referring to their best career fit. While work is an important expression of creativity and meaning, I have never intuitively read, for example, that someone’s life purpose is to become the president of a... Read more »

The Decade of Dreams: Living Life on Purpose

While many of us are looking back on a year of deconstruction or dismantling of former dreams, the new decade that promises 2012 is also heralding the possibility of living on purpose. I have given Readings to hundreds of people this year, and the pattern is clear: whether you have lost what you counted on,... Read more »

Work and Life Mission: Not Always a Non-Stop Flight

Yesterday, a client I’ll call Susan, said she has been faithfully investing her time and energy manifesting work that is what she calls her “life mission“. Currently, finances are dwindling and she’s afraid if she takes another job, she’ll be a sell out. Susan asked me: “Should I borrow money to continue investing in my... Read more »