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Know Any "Old Soul" Kids?

If you know anyone from ages 8-18 who is quirky, different, really bright and unconventional, or has intuitive gifts, please tell them to join us at Intuitive Kids Leadership Camp – which starts this Sunday afternoon at Heaven Meets Earth Yoga Studio in Evanston.  This past weekend, I worked with Rick, a 16 year old... Read more »

Three Blizzard Meditations

Being holed up in one place as a result of a blizzard can feel confining – or it can feel liberating. After you are done finding the right educational videos for your kids, and after you have spent some special time getting work done in a more focused way, there are some blizzard meditations that... Read more »

Picture This

My six year old daughter asked me if I had clients yesterday morining. I said, “No, I was writing my book. I’m going to be an author.” She replied, “Who is going to draw the pictures for your book?” I said, “There aren’t going to be any pictures in my book.” She replied gently, “Mom,... Read more »

Teach Kids to Apply Their Differences

Don’t call them “disordered” unless you really believe you are incredibly “ordered” and can clearly define what that means. Kids that are not fitting in, kids that live outside the realm of a tradition that has been set up to repeat the past rather than solve the current and future challenges, need to know they... Read more »

To Parents of Kids Who Can't Say "I Love You!"

I love my work and look forward to growing it. So when I went through the considerable trouble last week to book myself almost enough time to get work done well, my ego was none too pleased to wake up to my daughter’s little-kid, bad cold, knowing there was no way to tell how long it might... Read more »

Walt Disney says Baby Einstein does not make Babies Einstein

The New York Times  reports that the Walt Disney Company is refunding all Baby Einstein products to avoid a class action law suit by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, which has studies showing that Baby Einsteins are neither educational nor intellect-growing videos. In fact, Federal Guidelines recommend no television for children under the age of two... Read more »

Are Your Kids ADD, ADHD, or Intuitively/Psychically Gifted?

 I started Reading kids’ energy a few years ago, and found that many children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or mild Autism, were actually intuitively and spiritually gifted…what?   As an “intuitive practitioner” and a medium, I articulate patterns of belief and behavior which form the basis of challenges, and realign energy to bring peace and clarity. In addition to... Read more »