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An Intuitive Response to Osama bin Laden's Death

If you are an intuitive, today, with the announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death, you can feel a collective out-breath from those who were touched by 911, and those who wanted justice for a man who openly rejoiced in the destruction of innocents.  At the same time, if you are an intuitive who is emotionally open, there... Read more »

Four Ways to Give Voice to Your Hidden Wisdom

“I feel stuck.” Fran said, “How do I step out of the box I’m in if this box is all I know?” “What a great question, Fran!,” I said, “Intuitive Readings are the way most familiar to me, but I think new paths are forged by finding and listening to hidden parts of yourself.” “Great,... Read more »

Questioning Both Sides of the Brain

Western thinkers are more likely to believe in logic and analytics as more reliable than intuition, so we may under utilize our intuitive intelligence. On the other hand, we are so unconscious of our use of intuition, we may be using it more than we think. For maximum effectiveness, try consciously employing both sides of your... Read more »

Five Tips for Sensitive Teens in the Holiday Rush

The Holidays are a time when good cheer, big crowds and lots of emotions are swirling around us. That is not the best environment for sensitive teens (or even sensitive adults). Lately I have had the wondrous experience of working directly with teens – from 14-19 years old on their intuitive gifts.  Some teens can... Read more »

Are Your Kids ADD, ADHD, or Intuitively/Psychically Gifted?

 I started Reading kids’ energy a few years ago, and found that many children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or mild Autism, were actually intuitively and spiritually gifted…what?   As an “intuitive practitioner” and a medium, I articulate patterns of belief and behavior which form the basis of challenges, and realign energy to bring peace and clarity. In addition to... Read more »