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Holiday Shopping: Share Your Favorite Inspiration

Vertigo is the immediate feeling I get as soon as I think about buying Christmas presents for the 43 people in my immediate family. This year, as I tried to wrap my head and heart around what might make each of them smile, happy or more inspired, I decided to focus on books – written... Read more »

New York City Triathlon's Chicago Hero

Anyone feeling depressed? Low energy? Feel like you can’t get to that next goal, no matter how small or close the distance? Well, I have just the thing to help! Take a LOOK ! (especially at the forth row of photos) Israel Antonio, a client who has given me permission to publish his name, has a... Read more »


My daughter whispered to me about her kindergarten teacher: “Mom, my teacher’s real name is Scott, but when he examples himself, he calls himself ‘Mr. Z’.” Ana Joy inspires me to make verbs out of all the nouns in life…which reminded me of other people who inspire me… Bliss Browne, Founder of Imagine Chicago, is organizing and... Read more »