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The Business of You: Meaningful Work

Many of my clients feel stifled and frozen in their high level corporate positions, afraid to leave the golden handcuffs that keep them bound to something that does not feed their soul. Finding meaning at work doesn’t just mean changing jobs, it means getting to know yourself differently. Clients and colleagues who have slowly morphed... Read more »

The Gulf Crisis and a Call to Sacred Action

Yes! It has arrived. This is an organized movement that knows that we can respond to the Gulf crisis in a way that honors our role as caregivers for the earth and partners in spirit. Here is the call: “Join the Evolutionary Leaders for three FREE inspiring, profound and world-changing, global, 70-minute gatherings via telephone and internet.  When tens... Read more »


My daughter whispered to me about her kindergarten teacher: “Mom, my teacher’s real name is Scott, but when he examples himself, he calls himself ‘Mr. Z’.” Ana Joy inspires me to make verbs out of all the nouns in life…which reminded me of other people who inspire me… Bliss Browne, Founder of Imagine Chicago, is organizing and... Read more »

Jail Time

The U.S. criminal justice system has a precise process for dealing with transgressions. It listening to arguments on both sides;  judges; condemns; sentences the condemned to jail time; and then, for most, releases back to the light of day based on enough time served. This, I have observed as an Intuitive, is precisely the way we often... Read more »

The Decade of Dreams: Living Life on Purpose

While many of us are looking back on a year of deconstruction or dismantling of former dreams, the new decade that promises 2012 is also heralding the possibility of living on purpose. I have given Readings to hundreds of people this year, and the pattern is clear: whether you have lost what you counted on,... Read more »