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Take My Tears and Free the Children

In the Intuitive Kids’ Camp that is now ongoing at Heaven Meets Earth yoga studio in Evanston, tween and teens are learning that they are not disordered – but gifted in very particular ways. One teen walked out of the very first class and smiled, saying with disbelief: “You told me I’m gifted…” I was... Read more »

Missing the Deceased? Haunted House? Call Your Local Medium!

Mediums come in all shapes, sizes, and missions. Some work with police to find missing persons,or assist in crime and justice because their intuitive information comes in the form of specific physical objects, places, and people. Others work with ghosts and their mission is to “cross them over” into the Light, as ably illustrated by... Read more »

Your Soul Lesson: Ask The Dead Guy!

When Sam, (not his real name) called for a Reading and Healing, he asked me to help him get unstuck, and also bring through his Father, who died a few years ago. As I looked at Sam’s energy, I could see that he allowed others to have more power than himself in decision making. He... Read more »

Which Healing Practice is Most Effective?

A client recently told me she was learning Healing Touch Therapy, and was amazed at how well it worked in calming and healing others. How often people say that about a particular method of healing. I told my client that it wasn’t the methodology that made it work. It was her.   What I know... Read more »

What Does a Care Giver Really Care About?

One of my clients is a very generous person – always giving and taking care of others. Family, friends and strangers alike are on her A list. Sometimes it is so easy to be generous that she “over-gives” without a thought…until she needs help – which isn’t often, because she’s pretty self- sufficient. She wanted... Read more »

Animals Healing People Healing Animals

Today I walked with horse whisperer, Carole Dunbar. She’s an international horse show judge, owns a rare brindle, and apparently has a lot of horse friends who let her in on their side of the story. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and has had much success in healing horses as well. Although she... Read more »

A Soul Clearing Experience

You know how when you think you hear just fine, and then your ears pop, and suddenly you realize how much you couldn’t hear before? Most of us walk around our crowded lives feeling “just fine” and we manage around our aches and pains trying to enjoy life. But sometimes, we just need a soul... Read more »

Free Psycho, Psychic, Energy Healing ... What?

When I was invited to speak at the Psychotronics Association Annual Conference on Multi-Sensory Children, I had to ask: “Psycho what?” I thought at first they’d found me out and that I was to speak to “my own kind” (psychos) or perhaps I would be fortunate enough to be speaking with other psychics. As it turns... Read more »