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The Devil Made Me Do It

Recently a client told me that she had an experience of seeing a devil when she was young and it terrified her. She interpreted it as  a sign that God was punishing her or that she must have done something terribly wrong  I thought of how many time our fearful interpretations lead us far afield... Read more »

The Blessing of What Is

Where is God when you are a successful, pregnant, financial service business owner and the economy tanks — just before you give birth, as one employee is caught stealing business, another contracts cancer, and another decides to go with the competition? Ask Tess. She knows.  Tess frantically interviewed people for immediate hire to take over her... Read more »

God and The 156 Bus

Dawn called me and said, “I don’t have a Bible in the house and I wouldn’t call myself religious. But the other day I looked out at the beautiful leaves changing color in Lincoln Park while I waited for the bus to go downtown to work. I said, “OK, God, I know you are in... Read more »