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Peace, Happiness, and Conscious Evolution

Tapping the Source is a new Son of The Secret kind of book and docu-movie whose theme is about how to be happy by connecting with Source. I had the exciting privilege of being part of the red carpet premier crowd with Trib-U columnist Jen Weigel.  My favorite movie moment was when Barbara Marx Hubbard, who... Read more »

Thinking Up the Future

I love that educated, tolerant Americans got to have their piece of the media for a moment. In fact, it is a good time to remember the power we have individually and collectively. Since there is no doubt anymore that reality is created and/or shaped by our thoughts, we can do a lot for our children... Read more »

Shaping Your Personal Future

How do you think about the future? Do you look into it and think about what you are not, measuring the distance between what you hoped for or want(ed) for yourself, and where you are? Do you focus on what’s missing? Do you think about what you regret or the path you could have taken? . ... Read more »