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Four Ways to Give Voice to Your Hidden Wisdom

“I feel stuck.” Fran said, “How do I step out of the box I’m in if this box is all I know?” “What a great question, Fran!,” I said, “Intuitive Readings are the way most familiar to me, but I think new paths are forged by finding and listening to hidden parts of yourself.” “Great,... Read more »

What is Pretty Normal for those with Paranormal Gifts

As I was thinking through Jen Weigel and my event, I’m Spiritual Dammit!”, (named after Jen’s blog) at the Wilmette Theater on January 21st, it occurred to me how “tuned in” some people are without ever acknowledging or knowing that they are intuitively gifted. When something just comes naturally, we don’t call it a gift, because... Read more »

Work and Life Mission: Not Always a Non-Stop Flight

Yesterday, a client I’ll call Susan, said she has been faithfully investing her time and energy manifesting work that is what she calls her “life mission“. Currently, finances are dwindling and she’s afraid if she takes another job, she’ll be a sell out. Susan asked me: “Should I borrow money to continue investing in my... Read more »