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Take My Tears and Free the Children

In the Intuitive Kids’ Camp that is now ongoing at Heaven Meets Earth yoga studio in Evanston, tween and teens are learning that they are not disordered – but gifted in very particular ways. One teen walked out of the very first class and smiled, saying with disbelief: “You told me I’m gifted…” I was... Read more »

Five Tips for Sensitive Teens in the Holiday Rush

The Holidays are a time when good cheer, big crowds and lots of emotions are swirling around us. That is not the best environment for sensitive teens (or even sensitive adults). Lately I have had the wondrous experience of working directly with teens – from 14-19 years old on their intuitive gifts.  Some teens can... Read more »

The Dis-Order Phenomenon

As we draw closer to that magic 2012 number, the world is experiencing the long predicted rampant, evolutionary change  from the climate to the earth’s magnetic field to the global village. There are a lot of fields changing around us, and we are also on a path of human evolution, given that on a good day the myth... Read more »