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11-11-11 Continues

11-11-11 Continues
Did you feel it? Did you participate? Did you survive it? Whatever you did or didn’t do, there’s still time to contribute to this 11-11-11 World! If you are intuitively sensitive, you felt and continue to feel more musical notes in the air. It is like a symphony played by angels with an opening concerto called Remembering... Read more »

Leading with the Power of Angels

Laura Derocher sings “If we don’t lead with the Power of Angels, who will?” on her earliest CD “A Song of My Own”. Leadership used to be all about the best man in the room. Now, it appears, it’s all about women and their power. Try this tidbit from the Women’s Conference in LA in September. It’s long,... Read more »

The Dali Lama: Western Women will Save the World

 The Dalai Lama, himself, at a Peace Summit in Vancouver last month, shocked the sold-out crowd by proclaiming: “The world will be saved by the Western Woman.”  Those of us with grey hair, often hiding just beneath our color of choice, sometimes forget that we are the first generation of women in history to have the economic... Read more »