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Five Ways to Help Kids who Sense Bad Spirits

In the show, Psychic Kids Children of the Paranormal , young people report that they are frightened because they see and sense ghosts or spirits. Their parents feel helpless to protect them. Besides being validated by an older man who is psychic and who accompanies young people to haunted places – which is what happens in the... Read more »

Four Things to Say to Children who Experience the Paranormal

One of my clients, Sandi, said her four year old daughter, Ariella, told her she remembers how nice Sandi was to her when she was dying. She described a scene in detail. Sandi was shocked as she accurately described Sandi’s experience of her grandmother’s death. Ariella seemed to talk with lots of invisible friends. Other... Read more »

Animals Healing People Healing Animals

Today I walked with horse whisperer, Carole Dunbar. She’s an international horse show judge, owns a rare brindle, and apparently has a lot of horse friends who let her in on their side of the story. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and has had much success in healing horses as well. Although she... Read more »

2012 Children: The Birth of a New Intelligence

By all accounts, this is predicted 2012 watershed moment in our history as a planet proclaims a new kind of reality. According to researcher PMH Atwater in her book Beyond the Indigo Children, the kids, themselves, represent this new world. And I believe the children are heralding the birth of a new intelligence: Intuitive Intelligence. I believe that is... Read more »

Top Five Tips for Holiday Health for ADHD and ADD Individuals

If you or your kids are highly sensitive, intuitive, or have been described by some as “ADD”, “ADHD”, or some other “disorder” label (NOT MY PREFERENCE!), nutrition is particularly important. And that’s tough in the holiday season, when holiday parties made almost exclusively of sugar! Here are some tips for keeping your special kids’ immune systems... Read more »

Free Psycho, Psychic, Energy Healing ... What?

When I was invited to speak at the Psychotronics Association Annual Conference on Multi-Sensory Children, I had to ask: “Psycho what?” I thought at first they’d found me out and that I was to speak to “my own kind” (psychos) or perhaps I would be fortunate enough to be speaking with other psychics. As it turns... Read more »