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Four Intuitive Exercises that Increase Business Success

Four Intuitive Exercises that Increase Business Success
“I’ve been doing this for over 25 years,” Joe said. “I KNOW the product is just what these customers need and that they will be happy after I install it. But I can’t get them to believe that.” “I’m not sure what to do”, Joe mused as he reflected on his continuing sales slump. “Should... Read more »

Business and Enlightenment?

There is only one day left to log on live to the Enlightened Business Summit to listen to the most fascinating, intelligence, leading edge Business Leaders in the Marketplace. John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods opened the Summit, talking about conscious capitalism. I love to listen to a grocer talk about higher purpose, values, service-leadership, and creating a conscious culture for... Read more »

The Business of You: Meaningful Work

Many of my clients feel stifled and frozen in their high level corporate positions, afraid to leave the golden handcuffs that keep them bound to something that does not feed their soul. Finding meaning at work doesn’t just mean changing jobs, it means getting to know yourself differently. Clients and colleagues who have slowly morphed... Read more »

Money, Happiness, and Intuition

In her book, Money and Happiness, Yahoo Finance Expert, Laura Rowley says that knowing your values is what creates the real value of money in your life. I met a man, Ed, in New York whose passion was spending time with his growing family. Ed told me, “Several years ago I decided that either this intuitive stuff... Read more »

Unexpected Service

“Terry said she thought she could help me with a few business connections that would help me move my business into a new market,” a colleague recently told me. She was late and when I asked where she drove from, she told me it was a Senior Center where she recently had to bring her... Read more »

The Business of Soul Lessons

Intuition and self-reflection are leadership necessities because Business is a theater for soul lessons. These days companies change as fast and often as Google designs over it’s logo -which is the perfect setting for increasing intuitive intelligence as well as providing unexpected and swift leadership challenges. One CEO, Bob, whose company manufactures facilities construction material, innovated a... Read more »

Business and Intuition - A Match Made in Heaven

Some people think that intuition is a topic that should not be discussed or explored in the hallowed halls of business. What is equally astounding is that some people think that some of us have it and some of us don’t.  While we all have intuition,  Ann Gilbert  Business Coach, reminded me, that only half of the... Read more »

The Fall of Management!

Intuition is a necessary skill for business leaders today. Alan Murray, author of The Wall Street Journal Essential Guide to Management, says that in 2010 “modern management is nearing its existential moment.”  With the speed of globalization, innovation, and technological capacity, we can become anything we want. We have come to a point where we truly... Read more »

Faith and the Darkness

Recently,  I plunged into a large scale change consulting project, and I lived, worked, dreamed, and ate the client’s reality for weeks and months. While it was very satisfying to watch the level of performance and confidence expand as people found their new bearings, I came out the other side disoriented, negative, and a bit dizzy... Read more »

Bringing Spirit to Work

When I work in close companionship in Spirit in an Intuitive Reading, a river of words occur about a client’s soul lessons and life purpose and how it all integrates with his current challenges – and then healing flows. After years and years of practice, I have caught myself expressing an attitude that I call”I know”,... Read more »