Are Your Kids ADD, ADHD or Intuitively Gifted?

The National Association of Gifted Children report that gifted children are being misdiagnosed with ADD and ADHD, and prescribed drugs which inhibit their ability to function and develop their gifts. In my work, it is clear that young people who are intuitive also demonstrate symptoms listed under “learning disorders.”  Hear more about this at Evanston Library tomorrow night, Thursday, in... Read more »

The Fictitious Epidemic of ADD and ADHD

“A three year old is not half a six year old.” said Sir Ken Robinson. We are flailing and failing to support children’s unique  gifts and talents. We are anesthetizing kids with ADD/ADHD drugs instead of waking them up so they can ably lead us toward a sustainable future. These ideas came from Sir Robinson’s... Read more »

The Dis-Order Phenomenon

As we draw closer to that magic 2012 number, the world is experiencing the long predicted rampant, evolutionary change  from the climate to the earth’s magnetic field to the global village. There are a lot of fields changing around us, and we are also on a path of human evolution, given that on a good day the myth... Read more »

Are Your Kids ADD, ADHD, or Intuitively/Psychically Gifted?

 I started Reading kids’ energy a few years ago, and found that many children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or mild Autism, were actually intuitively and spiritually gifted…what?   As an “intuitive practitioner” and a medium, I articulate patterns of belief and behavior which form the basis of challenges, and realign energy to bring peace and clarity. In addition to... Read more »