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"Girls Rising": From Victims of Sexual Abuse to Empowered Potential

"Girls Rising": From Victims of Sexual Abuse to Empowered Potential
Last night soldiers reported on the brutality of sexual assault from their commanders and fellow soldiers and the aftermath of their pain on WTTW’s documentary on Women in Combat. It was appalling to discover that an estimated 500,000 women who have risked their lives in combat for our freedom returned safely from battle, only to... Read more »

A Heartbeat Away from Home

A Heartbeat Away from Home
Dacy has been weaving and bobbing through the intense pressure of being a single mom and entrepreneur. Yet, on the outside, she remains remarkably steady. Asking how I could help after she sat down in my office, she was general, as if she wanted a me to give her a tune up and spark plug check.... Read more »

Picture This

My six year old daughter asked me if I had clients yesterday morining. I said, “No, I was writing my book. I’m going to be an author.” She replied, “Who is going to draw the pictures for your book?” I said, “There aren’t going to be any pictures in my book.” She replied gently, “Mom,... Read more »

A Fork in the Road

Jen and I were right on time for our airplane. We started down the road practically singing, when suddenly, in front of us were two signs, forcing us to choose one direction or the other, neither of which mentioned our destination. ARGHHH!. So we picked one and within a few miles, decided we had picked... Read more »

Life is an Inside-Out Job

What if everything we experience in our lives on the outside are meant to be clues to help us progress in understanding, compassion and wholeness on the inside? In other words, everything that looks and feels real to our five senses are merely symbols, meant to lead us to a more “real,” inner world. After all,... Read more »

Here She Comes...

Recent Readings have revealed a most interesting phenomenon. It’s about what is happening to feminine energy on the planet even as I write this. The way I See it, women’s historical and current experience can be likened to our liver. I  know, it’s a stretch, but bear with me. The liver has the capacity to... Read more »

Divorce in the Air?

After dozens and dozens of Intuitive Readings over the last several weeks, I have been noting an odd theme. Even though many Readings are supporting decisions related to career moves, a pattern began to emerge around whether long standing marriages were still viable.  It was not that those who asked had found another partner –... Read more »

2012 Children: The Birth of a New Intelligence

By all accounts, this is predicted 2012 watershed moment in our history as a planet proclaims a new kind of reality. According to researcher PMH Atwater in her book Beyond the Indigo Children, the kids, themselves, represent this new world. And I believe the children are heralding the birth of a new intelligence: Intuitive Intelligence. I believe that is... Read more »

The Dis-Order Phenomenon

As we draw closer to that magic 2012 number, the world is experiencing the long predicted rampant, evolutionary change  from the climate to the earth’s magnetic field to the global village. There are a lot of fields changing around us, and we are also on a path of human evolution, given that on a good day the myth... Read more »

Let the Little Children Lead Us

My volunteer Advisory Board and I have been thinking through how The Center for Intuitive Education can empower youth to tell their stories, and to teach adults about the intuitive intelligence they often hide. In researching new education models we found something astounding! While I’m a fan of many of the new models of schools... Read more »