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Conscious Capitalism

The Conscious Business Network is a place for colleagues to explore what is possible beyond even the best current ideas, and to connect to the next level of potential in relationship and work.  In We First, author Simon Mainwaring insists it is time for business to become the driver for transforming capitalism – by honoring purpose, values, mutual... Read more »

Connecting with Conscious Business Professionals

The Conscious Business Network that is meeting at the Primitive next Thursday night from 6-8:30pm is a powerful way to make connections that can put you at ease almost immediately.  While Social networks give us a thousand ways to connect in an intimate way to almost anyone we’ve ever met – former peers from our industry, academic degree(s),... Read more »

Christmas, the Republicans and the 9/11 First Responders

Tonight The Daily Show with Jon Stewart featured five 9/11 First Responders who were each dying from the cancers they contracted from working around the clock at Ground Zero – and who are not able to get coverage for their health care because Republicans have blocked the Bill. A few months ago, ABC cited a report... Read more »

Bullying from First Grade on Up

Carrie Goldman has a ChicagoNow blog called Portrait of an Adoption. In a November blog she wrote about the bullying her daughter received from her fellow boy classmates in the first grade for bringing a Star Wars water bottle to school.  She has received national attention for drawing attention to this important issue. Goldman stated... Read more »

The Fictitious Epidemic of ADD and ADHD

“A three year old is not half a six year old.” said Sir Ken Robinson. We are flailing and failing to support children’s unique  gifts and talents. We are anesthetizing kids with ADD/ADHD drugs instead of waking them up so they can ably lead us toward a sustainable future. These ideas came from Sir Robinson’s... Read more »

Peace, Happiness, and Conscious Evolution

Tapping the Source is a new Son of The Secret kind of book and docu-movie whose theme is about how to be happy by connecting with Source. I had the exciting privilege of being part of the red carpet premier crowd with Trib-U columnist Jen Weigel.  My favorite movie moment was when Barbara Marx Hubbard, who... Read more »

Thinking Up the Future

I love that educated, tolerant Americans got to have their piece of the media for a moment. In fact, it is a good time to remember the power we have individually and collectively. Since there is no doubt anymore that reality is created and/or shaped by our thoughts, we can do a lot for our children... Read more »

The Jon Stewart Rally - No Laughing Matter

According to the Huffington Post, comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity  in Washington D.C. attracted somewhere between 200,000-500,000 people on Saturday. This number does not including local rallies all over the country, like the 150,000 people that participated in Chicago’s Rally. The Rally was an appeal for moderation in civil discourse – to disagree without maligning character,... Read more »

Business and Enlightenment?

There is only one day left to log on live to the Enlightened Business Summit to listen to the most fascinating, intelligence, leading edge Business Leaders in the Marketplace. John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods opened the Summit, talking about conscious capitalism. I love to listen to a grocer talk about higher purpose, values, service-leadership, and creating a conscious culture for... Read more »

Money, Happiness, and Intuition

In her book, Money and Happiness, Yahoo Finance Expert, Laura Rowley says that knowing your values is what creates the real value of money in your life. I met a man, Ed, in New York whose passion was spending time with his growing family. Ed told me, “Several years ago I decided that either this intuitive stuff... Read more »