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Miracles and Near Death Experiences

Elizabeth Kubler Ross did breakthrough work on death and dying. Raymond Moody, M.D., was among the first to talk about research in the area of Near Death Experiences.(NDE) and the evidence for “life after life.” Stories about the experience of being dead and coming back to life come from people of all races, ages, religion beliefs,... Read more »

Carry Water, Pick Up Sticks

Some clients have had extraordinary experiences. Many have literally “seen the Light” – whether from: near death experiences; sacred places; serious accidents; during the “death watch” of a loved one;or just in meditation. So here’s the question. Once you have experienced The Light, how does life change and who do you become as a result?... Read more »

Jail Time

The U.S. criminal justice system has a precise process for dealing with transgressions. It listening to arguments on both sides;  judges; condemns; sentences the condemned to jail time; and then, for most, releases back to the light of day based on enough time served. This, I have observed as an Intuitive, is precisely the way we often... Read more »