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Four Steps: Out of Depression and Into the Light

Four Steps: Out of Depression and Into the Light
When  you feel the world coming down around you, when all the positive mantras can’t cut through the overwhelm, depression, confusion or darkness, it means this: Spirit wants all of your attention What can you do? –     Ask: What does the Heart of this Mystery want me to know? Now: Imagine holding the... Read more »

Clearing Out the Past

The Earth is demonstrating what is required to evolve in our next steps in life. How? Anyone been feeling “the earth move under their feet”?  How about the golf ball size hail that pounded Chicago streets in 90 degree weather a few weeks ago? Have y0u been tuned into the drought in Ethiopia? Did you hear about... Read more »

Crisis and Kindness

Carole said her name was Janeen. She was a single professional with Church ties, and always cheerful to people in the condo building – in contrast to most who look down at their shoes or their mail while passing each other. When she heard Carole’s parents were ailing, Janeen volunteered to accompany her on the... Read more »

Conscious Capitalism

The Conscious Business Network is a place for colleagues to explore what is possible beyond even the best current ideas, and to connect to the next level of potential in relationship and work.  In We First, author Simon Mainwaring insists it is time for business to become the driver for transforming capitalism – by honoring purpose, values, mutual... Read more »

At the Heart of Conscious Business

What I loved about the opportunity to meet over 50 people at this year’s first Conscious Business Network Meeting was that we introduced ourselves from our hearts first. “What is your passion and how does it relate to your work?” was the question to which each Conscious Business Colleague responded. Sooooo different from simply exchanging... Read more »

Connecting with Conscious Business Professionals

The Conscious Business Network that is meeting at the Primitive next Thursday night from 6-8:30pm is a powerful way to make connections that can put you at ease almost immediately.  While Social networks give us a thousand ways to connect in an intimate way to almost anyone we’ve ever met – former peers from our industry, academic degree(s),... Read more »

From Liberation Square - Egypt is FREE!

Transformation is a process that starts with someone challenging the status quo. A street vendor set himself on fire to protest Egypt’s inequitable and disrespectful social climate.One man ignited the angry hearts of those who agreed with him, but didn’t have the courage or means to speak out. There was anger and rage as crowds... Read more »

Every Thought is a Prayer - or Not

It is hard not to equate the tragic shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, and the others who were shot and killed near her, with the inflamed political rhetoric of the last several years – even if it wasn’t a political operative that shot her. In any case, it’ time to stop the NRA happy talk, whether... Read more »

Questioning Both Sides of the Brain

Western thinkers are more likely to believe in logic and analytics as more reliable than intuition, so we may under utilize our intuitive intelligence. On the other hand, we are so unconscious of our use of intuition, we may be using it more than we think. For maximum effectiveness, try consciously employing both sides of your... Read more »

Holiday Shopping: Share Your Favorite Inspiration

Vertigo is the immediate feeling I get as soon as I think about buying Christmas presents for the 43 people in my immediate family. This year, as I tried to wrap my head and heart around what might make each of them smile, happy or more inspired, I decided to focus on books – written... Read more »