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Voices in Your Head - Are They All Good?

Voices in Your Head - Are They All Good?
When you listen within, do you hear words? See pictures? Feel or sense things? Just Know? Throughout the ages, when people saw visions, they were called “prophets”. When they sensed or felt that something “bad” was going to happen – like a loved one was about to be sick or die – it was often... Read more »

Adam Lanza and the Unheard Cry of a Bird

Adam Lanza and the Unheard Cry of a Bird
Adam Lanza knew a kind of darkness that haunts all of us at some time and some of us all the time. What can we learn from this young man about connection and relationship at this moment, as the world turns in its darkest hours, before the dawn of new life and the greater light... Read more »

Breaking through Depression

Grief is a human process whose authority is not within the conscious grasp of the person who experiences it. The invisible operator within our psyches decides when we are strong enough to break down … without breaking down all the way.  When we surrender to breakdown, remembering it as part of the cycle of death... Read more »

Airline Pat Downs and Feel Ups

The U.S. Government has decided that in order to catch terrorists who have violated our laws, taken lives, and who fly on airplanes, they now have the right to terrorize and violate the speech, space, and person of all citizens who fly. What we have here is a failure of creative solutions, a completely lack... Read more »

Missing the Deceased? Haunted House? Call Your Local Medium!

Mediums come in all shapes, sizes, and missions. Some work with police to find missing persons,or assist in crime and justice because their intuitive information comes in the form of specific physical objects, places, and people. Others work with ghosts and their mission is to “cross them over” into the Light, as ably illustrated by... Read more »

Miners: Underground to Space and Back to Ground

What are the chances that what we learn in and about Space, high above the planet we call “home”, could be helpful to a group of men trapped 2100 feet beneath the surface of where the rest of us live?  Apparently, when we explore the terrain that is off our map of reality in any... Read more »

Fields of Influence

Given the proximity to 2012, how can we not live each day as though it was the final gift of this life? While making a self-promise to be kind may seem simple, on the many days we crawl through multiple priorities, it may feel nearly impossible. There is another reason why it feels challenging…it’s the... Read more »

Four Ways to Deal with Overpowering People

Often in Readings, I see that someone feels overpowered by another. When you experience someone as “overpowering”, that means that you have left your power behind somewhere and that’s why the other person looks so big to you. You leave power behind when you feel fear and determine you are smaller than someone else or... Read more »

Keep in Touch

Most of us start our careers at the bottom of the rung, doing tasks that are anything but glamorous. As we mature in our careers, if we are very successful, we begin to hang out with like minded professionals and the world can get narrow very quickly.  One of my clients was a fast rising... Read more »

New York City Triathlon's Chicago Hero

Anyone feeling depressed? Low energy? Feel like you can’t get to that next goal, no matter how small or close the distance? Well, I have just the thing to help! Take a LOOK ! (especially at the forth row of photos) Israel Antonio, a client who has given me permission to publish his name, has a... Read more »