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Robert Scherer Defines Heartfelt Leadership

Last week I said, “Mom, I’m going to ask Bobbie if I can visit her in Ohio next Wednesday.” Bobbie is a gracious hostess, extending every kindness. She remains sensitive to everyone else’s comfort, even as she has been tending to her husband’s care for over six months in hospice at home.  Bobbie has always... Read more »

Are Your Kids ADD, ADHD or Intuitively Gifted?

The National Association of Gifted Children report that gifted children are being misdiagnosed with ADD and ADHD, and prescribed drugs which inhibit their ability to function and develop their gifts. In my work, it is clear that young people who are intuitive also demonstrate symptoms listed under “learning disorders.”  Hear more about this at Evanston Library tomorrow night, Thursday, in... Read more »

Bullying from First Grade on Up

Carrie Goldman has a ChicagoNow blog called Portrait of an Adoption. In a November blog she wrote about the bullying her daughter received from her fellow boy classmates in the first grade for bringing a Star Wars water bottle to school.  She has received national attention for drawing attention to this important issue. Goldman stated... Read more »

Five Tips for Sensitive Teens in the Holiday Rush

The Holidays are a time when good cheer, big crowds and lots of emotions are swirling around us. That is not the best environment for sensitive teens (or even sensitive adults). Lately I have had the wondrous experience of working directly with teens – from 14-19 years old on their intuitive gifts.  Some teens can... Read more »

Your Soul Lesson: Ask The Dead Guy!

When Sam, (not his real name) called for a Reading and Healing, he asked me to help him get unstuck, and also bring through his Father, who died a few years ago. As I looked at Sam’s energy, I could see that he allowed others to have more power than himself in decision making. He... Read more »

Picture This

My six year old daughter asked me if I had clients yesterday morining. I said, “No, I was writing my book. I’m going to be an author.” She replied, “Who is going to draw the pictures for your book?” I said, “There aren’t going to be any pictures in my book.” She replied gently, “Mom,... Read more »

Teach Kids to Apply Their Differences

Don’t call them “disordered” unless you really believe you are incredibly “ordered” and can clearly define what that means. Kids that are not fitting in, kids that live outside the realm of a tradition that has been set up to repeat the past rather than solve the current and future challenges, need to know they... Read more »

Deadlines and Disappointment

When my editor asked “Are you a person who likes deadlines?” I thought, “What an odd question. How can life get done without deadlines? How does anything get accomplished without knowing exactly what is expected, when it is due, and who will be disappointed if it doesn’t get done?” “Interesting association” I suddenly thought, “expectations,... Read more »


My daughter whispered to me about her kindergarten teacher: “Mom, my teacher’s real name is Scott, but when he examples himself, he calls himself ‘Mr. Z’.” Ana Joy inspires me to make verbs out of all the nouns in life…which reminded me of other people who inspire me… Bliss Browne, Founder of Imagine Chicago, is organizing and... Read more »

Divorce in the Air?

After dozens and dozens of Intuitive Readings over the last several weeks, I have been noting an odd theme. Even though many Readings are supporting decisions related to career moves, a pattern began to emerge around whether long standing marriages were still viable.  It was not that those who asked had found another partner –... Read more »