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The Middle East Teaching America about Peace?

Technology is informing the world about what is possible when people stand together behind a cause. The violence that is shaking the foundation of Libya cannot quell the numerous reports of the military pledging their allegiance to the protesters and taking over cities. Once people see and hear that their voices, which have been devalued and dismissed... Read more »

Miracles and Near Death Experiences

Elizabeth Kubler Ross did breakthrough work on death and dying. Raymond Moody, M.D., was among the first to talk about research in the area of Near Death Experiences.(NDE) and the evidence for “life after life.” Stories about the experience of being dead and coming back to life come from people of all races, ages, religion beliefs,... Read more »

Shoveling to Clear the Path

I haven’t had a snow day since I was 10. How about you? Isn’t this fun? It’s sort of like having a permission from your mom not to have to work – except for all the paper and phone work, that is. All across Chi Town, hatted people are shoveling. There are professionals, seniors, young... Read more »

Tiger Mom, Success, and Teen Suicide

As far as I can tell, Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, thinks parenting is a role in which the parent intimidates and cruelly punishes children until they produce an outcome that can be considered best in class in a particular skill in comparison with others. While that is an interesting definition of parenting, I believe she... Read more »

Grace in Tragedy

When my uncle died of a massive heart attack while driving this past weekend, one of his sons, who was in the passenger seat, said it was as if someone helped him put his foot on the brake and steer the car to safely at the side of the road. John said that all at... Read more »

Every Thought is a Prayer - or Not

It is hard not to equate the tragic shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, and the others who were shot and killed near her, with the inflamed political rhetoric of the last several years – even if it wasn’t a political operative that shot her. In any case, it’ time to stop the NRA happy talk, whether... Read more »

Christmas, the Republicans and the 9/11 First Responders

Tonight The Daily Show with Jon Stewart featured five 9/11 First Responders who were each dying from the cancers they contracted from working around the clock at Ground Zero – and who are not able to get coverage for their health care because Republicans have blocked the Bill. A few months ago, ABC cited a report... Read more »

Five Tips for Sensitive Teens in the Holiday Rush

The Holidays are a time when good cheer, big crowds and lots of emotions are swirling around us. That is not the best environment for sensitive teens (or even sensitive adults). Lately I have had the wondrous experience of working directly with teens – from 14-19 years old on their intuitive gifts.  Some teens can... Read more »

Missing the Deceased? Haunted House? Call Your Local Medium!

Mediums come in all shapes, sizes, and missions. Some work with police to find missing persons,or assist in crime and justice because their intuitive information comes in the form of specific physical objects, places, and people. Others work with ghosts and their mission is to “cross them over” into the Light, as ably illustrated by... Read more »

Your Soul Lesson: Ask The Dead Guy!

When Sam, (not his real name) called for a Reading and Healing, he asked me to help him get unstuck, and also bring through his Father, who died a few years ago. As I looked at Sam’s energy, I could see that he allowed others to have more power than himself in decision making. He... Read more »