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Breaking through Depression

Grief is a human process whose authority is not within the conscious grasp of the person who experiences it. The invisible operator within our psyches decides when we are strong enough to break down … without breaking down all the way.  When we surrender to breakdown, remembering it as part of the cycle of death... Read more »

Grace in Tragedy

When my uncle died of a massive heart attack while driving this past weekend, one of his sons, who was in the passenger seat, said it was as if someone helped him put his foot on the brake and steer the car to safely at the side of the road. John said that all at... Read more »

Dedicate, Dedicate, Dedicate

When we experience gut wrenching, can’t-believe-it’s-happening-to-me (especially-considering-how-conscious-and-what-a-generally-good-person-I-am) kind of season in life, sometimes it’s hard to stay faithful to our chosen path and it’s challenging to stay clear of life-sapping cynicism. However, there is a way that in such a season, you become a touch point for healing in the world. When situations result in... Read more »