Four Intuitive Exercises that Increase Business Success

Four Intuitive Exercises that Increase Business Success

"I've been doing this for over 25 years," Joe said. "I KNOW the product is just what these customers need and that they will be happy after I install it. But I can't get them to believe that."

"I'm not sure what to do", Joe mused as he reflected on his continuing sales slump. "Should I find a buyer for my business? Should I keep going and look for new customers? Should I find a strategic partner?"

Before I  intuitively evaluated which strategic option would best fit the situation and Joe's long term hopes, the more fundamental challenge was Joe's confidence in himself.

How we feel about ourselves is an energetic message we send about the potential of our business to meet client needs.

While Joe's customers love his innovative product, when he tries to make a deal, underneath his flawless sales pitch, they could hear this:  "I'm unsure about my ability to make my company grow to the next level."

Your customers hear what you are saying to yourself about yourself. Those voices in your head that sometimes snatch away your pride in work, your confidence, your sense of peace or celebration of life are energetically audible to others. That's why we get mixed signals from our environment. That's why the gurus of positive affirmations keep telling us to focus only on the positive and believe we are already where our dreams present as "the future."

Here are four steps you can take to maximize your self-acceptance and minimize the power of those other voices:

  1. Locate in your body the fear-based pain that is the result of the "confidence snatcher."  Say "hello" to the snatcher so that your mind begins to separate that part from your sense of yourself. (Remember, the snatcher is trying to help you in a way that is not visible.) Thank it.
  2. Say "I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself exactly as I am right now, no matter what is happening" (100 times a day!)
  3. Imagine a grounding chord from the base of your spine to the earth's center. Feel energy coming from the earth's center back through your feet to the base of your spine and back down to the planet. Keep "running that energy." Sense the earth as a partner in your I say in Intuitive Readings, "Mother Earth knows your true path and supports you every step of the way."
  4. Open the crown of your head and allow in collaboration with the Light. Imagine you have lots of help that has been just waiting for you to ask. Believe what you ask is already complete.

Now, open your heart and take small, focused steps toward your dream. Allow the help from above and below to guide you and take you and your work effortlessly to the places and people who most want and benefit from it.

Work is a Soul Painting whose purpose is to understand how love looks through the lenses of its challenges and triumphs. It is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. Commit to loving yourself through mistakes and challenges.

Make the corporate culture of your relationship with yourself safe, fun and creative.  Now thrive....


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