Gifted Child Teaching Sustainability

Gifted Child Teaching Sustainability
intuitively gifted child

As a skilled intuitive, I have been energetically Reading children for a decade or more. While it may seem an odd mix with the work I do with leaders and their conscious businesses, it turns out that these kids are already moving into and contributing to areas of arts, business and sustainability...from the age of oh, three.

Many of the "new children," who have not been misdiagnosed with learning disorders and medicated, are contributing now - and not waiting for formal education and a post-college opportunity to offer their wisdom. The internet is giving us the benefit of learning about them.

In addition to the now well-known musical phenomenons, such as Jackie Evanco and Andre Rieu, there is Jake, an autistic math and science prodigy and youngest person to publish a physics article. Marco is a  nine year old Macedonian systems engineer. Then there are those that are reaching us through TEDx.

This is an extraordinary presentation by an eleven year old who, through his own research and decision, is now committed to organic farming and sustainability. These children are vibrating at a frequency that can access and process information in extraordinary ways and often supersonic speed- some access factual data and some emotional data.

In any case, these are examples of how our world can positively evolve when we open our map of reality to understand that these children represent the new 2012+ world.

If we can perceive,  trust and support them and their contribution, we may just make it as a planet!



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