Welcome to the End of the World: Opening to New Time

Welcome to the End of the World: Opening to New Time

"I have a headache, Therese," Jose Arguelles reported to me in 1984. As his neighbor, I would drop in to say "hello" without warning. "I've been up all night channeling this amazing information - all this math! And I'm an artist, not a mathematician!" Indeed, Jose was a skilled artist who taught art at Princeton in the late 1960's.

Jose showed me a dizzying array of overlays he was using -  the I Ching, Human DNA, the Mayan Calendar - to mathematically calculate the end of the Mayan's 25,625 year calendar. "It's the year 2012," he said. "We have 25 years to clean up our planet and move back into harmony with natural time."

Today, 12/21/12, is exactly 1,872,000 days from the beginning of the Mayan calendar, which began in 3113 B.C.

1,872,000 days is equal to 13 cycles of 144,000 days each!

Jose said the Maya's mission was to assure the planets and star systems are synchronized with what he called "a galactic beam". This beam, he explained, went through the sun and resulted in solar sunspot cycles. The Mayan calendar is not a calendar at all, he said, but a measuring system for calibrating different beams and shifts in the solar sunspot cycles!


Electromagnetic fields are governed  - indeed controlled by - solar sunspot cycles. When the cycles shift, according to Jose, they radically change our thinking and beliefs, and have done so throughout history.

Our current sunspot cycle is set to peak in 2013. We are in a significant evolutionary upgrade. Furthermore, in his book The Mayan Factor, Jose says that July 26, 2013 is the time when the earth is in galactic synchronization.

From what I see in Intuitive Readings, the veil between worlds is thinning out and we will be able to better identify ourselves as light beings or spirits in human costumes, rather than saying "I have to pray or meditated to get in touch with my spirit." When our cells can emit a higher vibration, our hands can grow hot when we intend healing. That is to say, that when we remember ourselves as whole in spirit, we can offer others that remembering by intending it for them.

The most important part of all of this, according to Jose Arguelles is to get on a 13 month calendar. He believed that war and conflict were directly related to our calendar being out-of-synch with nature.

And here's a fascinating fact: At the Conscious Business Network last year, Scott Flansburg, who hold the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest human calculator, said exactly the same thing! He has a Human Calculator Calendar, a 13 month calendar, with 28 days each, where every date falls on the same day of the week every month. 13 X 28 = 364, and the extra day is Zero - the first day of the year. Scott also pointed to our out-of-synch calendar as the reason for conflict and wars - and he didn't know of Jose!

Allow yourself to release ideas of separation and isolation...and remember that we are each whole...that we are all together whole...

It's about time...

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