Life Purpose: Three Elements to Realize It

Life Purpose: Three Elements to Realize It

"What is my life purpose?" is a frequently asked question in my intuitive practice. Often clients who ask this question are referring to their best career fit. While work is an important expression of creativity and meaning, I have never intuitively read, for example, that someone's life purpose is to become the president of a particular insurance company.

Instead, I after thousands of intuitive readings, I have discovered, as I wrote about in my new book Mapping a New Reality,  that all human beings share the same elements that define life purpose.

The first element is to identify, develop, enjoy and share our essential gifts and talents. We are each unique in the universe. Even if we can identify other lifetimes, this one, now, is a first and only. What do you love? What brings you energy? What aspect of what you are doing lifts your spirit?

The second element is to gain the unique wisdom we came to learn by identifying and releasing the fear and fear-based beliefs that limit our light and joy. The invisible, subtle, insidious, embedded fears that get in our way and keep us from our heart’s desire are waiting in the dark to reveal the wisdom with which they are encoded. What do you most fear? What if you looked it in the eye? Say "hello" to your fear. That is the first step in moving from its potential to sabotage your well-laid plans to releasing it.

The third element is to rediscover and realize the Oneness to which we belong. This is only possible when heartfelt forgiveness, compassion, mercy and kindness are the central tools of our relationship with ourselves and others. Without these, judgment rules, and exclusion is seen as an intelligent strategy for sorting good from bad…and through free will, leaves us unentitled to our birthright of the experience of Oneness.

The nature of our journey is to discover that humanity itself is a costume rendered so we can gain perspective about the particular way we deny love, and the many ways we can engage and expand love’s influence.

We are ultimately here to remember and act out of our wholeness. We must meet our persistent fears if we are to align with our life purpose.

Purpose is not only about the contribution we make in our lifetimes—it is about the quality of our relationship with ourselves, which then forms the quality of the contribution we make. It’s less what we do and more how we do it that makes the difference to our souls and the souls of fellow students/teachers on the path.


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