Why You Feel Panicked These Days and Two Things You Can Do About It

Why You Feel Panicked These Days and Two Things You Can Do About It

Feeling panicked? Crazy days and long, anxious nights have visited a vast majority of my clients' experience in the last couple of months. From despair over financial challenges to job shifts to family trauma to the loss of loved ones - this has been a deeply earth-changing time. Breakdowns are happening in greater frequency. There is an urgency to release old, fear-based patterns as we move toward the close of 2012.

While we all experience  "normal" fear from time to time, what is this intense panic all about?

If you are a person who feels deeply, who is the friend to whom others spill their pain, or who reaches out to help others, you may have a kind of  intuitive intelligence called  clairsentient, which literally translates to "clear feeling". What does that mean?

  • Others' Denied Feelings: Clairsentient people unconsciously seek connections with others.  You keenly feel others' feelings - particularly the emotions they hide, such as fear, anger and confusion. Then you feel panicked and  you don't know why.
  • Global Volitility: You may also be picking up the volatility that surrounds us on a global level, evidenced by the severe weather and political  uncertainty around the world. It can feel completely overwhelming.
  • An Uncertain Future: You may be feeling into an uncertain future for yourself, your family and our global village and unconsciously add that to your already overtaxed system.

What can we do about this panic and overwhelm?

  1. Recognize that Eternity is "the long haul

If you have suicidal thoughts, you are best served by external professional support. Beyond that, recognize that we are on an eternal journey. In my book Mapping a New Reality, I describe stories of what those on the Other Side have to say about their experience following suicide. While they continue learning, they also know they will return to another place that contains the same kind of challenge.

It is like getting a divorce without doing your human homework to find out your pattern of behaviors that contributed to the split...you just attract  the same person in different clothes. The lesson remains.

   2. Stay in compassion with your pain

Become mindful. Put your hand over the place in your body from which the pain or painful voices originate. Describe to yourself (or a friend)  the  image, sound or sensation below your hand. Send that part gratitude and let it know it is okay with you for it to be exactly the way it is. (even if you  would prefer to run away from it)  As you breathe and send appreciation, that part will diminish its intensity.

At times like these, we tend to abandon ourselves and the pain we feel.  The most important part of this exercise is to stay with yourself,  demonstrating to your unconscious that you are not alone and that you are your own best company.

I met a stock broker once who told me he left his stressful job and moved his family to an island for three months - no newspapers, television or keeping up with email. He spent one hour per day in meditation, listening deeply and following whatever he heard to do. He  invested in particular stocks in whatever amount her felt urged to do. He spent the rest of the time with his family. He made enough money in three months to retire.

It isn't about the stocks or the money, it's about the richness of listening in. 

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