A Techie Weaves the People and We Map a New Reality

A Techie Weaves the People and We Map a New Reality

How do you map a new reality after the world ends next month? You get a brilliant techie to reveal meaningful connections among a group of people and then you create the world together. That is precisely what we are going to do next Wednesday at the Conscious Business Network,

Paul Caswell  invented a technology where we can see the people who agree with us - about things that matter to us! Responding to questions such as "What is your genius?" and "Which authors most inspire you?" and "What is the most important quality of a conscious leader?" was a pleasure in and of itself. When do we get to answer to questions like that? Then came the fireworks. The faces of other professionals whose answers were the same as mine showed up like a group around a table! It's was like having an Intuitive in the technology.

Right away I knew whose preferences were similar to mine and with whom I could immediately start up a meaningful conversation. Going to the many kinds of networking events that are available today, I have often left feeling empty, despite leaving with 20 fewer business cards. In a crowded room, I don't know who the networkers are beneath their profession, nor what really inspires them - which are at least two qualities I want to know before doing business with them.

Brilliant Techie and CEO Paul Caswell  is going to introduce us to his wildly popular software and company called  Weave the People. After the Conscious Business Network participants answer energizing questions, he will weave the group and present the results on 12-12-12. Then we will know others whose preferences land in our sphere. The next day, 1000+ peeps in our network will receive the same questions and on 12-21-12, if the world DOESN'T end, we will show the big weave.  

Engage in conversations about what is emerging in the marketplace and map a new reality, starting with who is in the room - as determined by intuitive technology!

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