Consuming Again after a Social Media Fast

Consuming Again after a Social Media Fast

I have been “off the grid” most of this summer, as I dedicate my non-consulting and non-intuitive reading time to completing my new book, Mapping a New Reality, and two Series video on Intuitive Intelligence. Now that both are getting their nails and hair done in the book/video production lounge, readying for their red carpet appearance on 10/01, I’M BACK!

Fasting from Social Media really does slow life down. I was fearful about the risk of losing touch, both personally and in business. Removing my voice from the blogosphere and offering only an occasional “eek” on LinkedIn and Facebook, I felt like I was living in the 1990s again!

I must say there was some relief to focusing on only four things at once, without looking up every 15 seconds to see if a Gmail ping would announce another potentially interesting path for my attention. On the other hand, the sense of disconnection did kick in every so often, and I felt like my eighth grade self: “nobody likes me!” Just like when you feel jealousy after you break up with someone and that someone immediately finds another gorgeous romance interest, I had to remind myself that it was my choice to disconnect.

I admit, I am a “mystic without a monastery” as Caroline Myss puts it, so silence is a rare treat. At first, it was a deep, happy sigh. As time moved on, the silence became isolation and felt unbalanced. (not quite isolation, as I accompanied my eight year old through the incredibly robust social life I created for her(!)) I’m still learning that being an all or nothing gal won’t work for me.

Becoming consumed with social media and e-communication that linger far into the wee hours of this perfectionist’s mornings, or almost completely unplugging, are the extremes I now know.

Now I’m thinking, what if I incorporating silence into the noisy day – like a Japanese meditation garden in the middle of Tokyo?

That will definitely require discipline. I’ll have to schedule my silence like it was a client, and be just as respectful of my attention to it. If I don’t do that, I can easily tell myself that everyone else’s needs are more important (and probably more interesting) than this silent time…joined by my mind which judges that nothing of value is being produced in “just sitting there”. But how much time is best for silence, for others, for the exercise of life in all its parts?

In Mapping a New Reality, I conclude that Life is One Whole Story. Since that is my truth, I have given myself an assignment:

The rest of 2012 is devoted to the questions: “How will my One Whole Story balance work, life and the world of social media?

Needless to say, I’m going to need my intuition to help me with this One!


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