Actually, Intuitive Intelligence Enhances Productivity

Actually, Intuitive Intelligence Enhances Productivity

“My actuaries could really use that!” replied, John, the high level executive with whom I spoke. “Really?” I asked, incredulously.

Trust me, when I say that my intent in this conversation was only to respond to John’s question: “What is intuitive intelligence?”

“How in the world would the guys who thrive on numbers-based data find benefit in ‘tuning inward’ for their information?” It is rare that I am asking such a question. But I could not fathom John’s enthusiasm.

“If my actuaries would back off the numbers and trust their intuition more often,” John replied, “we could get the policies out a lot faster. You know, ‘paralysis by analysis?’ We'd be a lot more productive."

All I could think of was, “If actuaries can improve productivity by using their intuition, how much more can any other role and company benefit from this powerful tool that allows us to access the truth and wisdom that is best for the situation, people  and/or direction?

In the future, I intuit this commonplace scenario: workers sit around the business cyber table and finish examining the facts and data that accompany them. Then the leader says, “OK, now, everyone push back your chairs for a moment. Close your eyes and breathe. Please locate your attention near your preferred intuitive portal. What does your intuition tell you about what is true and best for our next step or direction based on what we have reviewed today?”

Can you imagine business decisions being made by consciously blending the data from both right and left hemispheres of the brain? Imagine the potential we could unleash...

Oh what the heck?  Let’s get started today!


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    Your article really spoke to me as this is an area I have been specializing in for several years. I created work called Intuitive Intelligence® which is all about combining the powerful insights of intuition with the practicalities of intelligence to offer better results in life and business. This approach has created breakthrough results for myself and my clients because it is an inward --> outward approach. Because it addresses the inherent "unknowing" and "uncertainty" of running a business (or frankly living life day to day), it empowers business owners to be able to move forward in the face of the unknown and create practical action from both the knowledge-based information at their disposal and the more intuitive based information. Happy to share more and engage in conversation if you like. You can find me at to read more (including a white paper report on this topic).

  • Thanks, Paula. Your work is wonderful! I am thrilled to know that you are using an integrative approach in your coaching. I also love that your diverse work has been sourced and fueled by your intuitive inspiration! Looking forward to connecting...

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