Venus Defines a New Business Culture

Venus Defines a New Business Culture

I woke up this morning with a stomach ache. After having pushed long and hard to complete DVDs on Intuitive Intelligence, work out the last minute fixings on my upcoming book, Mapping a New Reality, as well as bring together the Conscious Business Network's June 12th meeting, I find myself  running headlong into the solar system's insistence that these outcomes may not be achieved by my nose to the grindstone!

The planetary shift occurring right now - today -  has not been experienced since 1882! Astronomers tell us that Venus is passing between the Sun and the Earth.  Astrologers interpret that as the sun shining through the planet of love toward the earth.

That means we are best served and can best serve others by letting go of the desire to control and to achieve the outcomes we have determined belong to us. We of the Type A sister and brotherhood must band help each other tune in  to our hearts and intuitions and stop driving to the bottom line.

This is part of the 2012 shift that continues to influence us toward a new way of perceiving and being in the world.

Creative, transparent and loving  relationships have become the organizing principle for business and personal joy and success. Motives that don't include this, may find short term results. but won't find the happiness that can accompany them.

We can learn so much more from 10 minutes of silent listening to our hearts than we do in most of our two hour Boardroom meetings...especially now.

Please  join me today,  because I could use your steady hand and equal determination to give Love its Authority in  life - even if it's in cyberspace or meditative space! I'll be right there with you, taking a deep breath and saying "hello" to the part of me that is warning me that silence is not getting me closer to my goals. And with that "hello", I'll leave my desire to control and my aching stomach behind.

OK, Venus, teach us about the power of love!

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