Success is a Tricky Business

Success is a Tricky Business

Have you entered into the world of  entrepreneurism? Have you carved out your target audience and assured that your niche is rich enough to make a good return on your investment? What I've found is that being a successful entrepreneur is not as tricky a business as being a person who is aligned with her purpose and expressing it through her entrepreneurial business. Here's why:

The world has defined what success looks like - a good retirement fund, a nice vacation home, a fancy eco-car, access to high places, and/or notoriety. As we continue to focus on increasing success, sometimes we filter out people and situations that do not match these associations. As a single mom and entrepreneur, I have found that being laser focused on getting the highest yield out of every moment, with an eye on my daughter's education and the future, I have often short-changed both the quality of my experience in present time and perhaps a more meaningful way to succeed.

I talked with Dan Felix, whose company, the Felix Group, P.C., takes a holistic approach to clients' Trust business. The most extraordinary thing about this lawyer is that when he talks about his life and work, they are reflective of his penchant for being what he calls "an insight junkie." He founded a best practice, high integrity lawyer group so he and his colleagues can stay in touch with their ideals as they grow in and through their work and life. While this group could be highly competitive, instead they found that they want to work together and partner on different client projects.

After that conversation, I began to think about how much I need - perhaps we all need - to be in touch with like-minded colleagues just to remind ourselves that there are other ways to get the bills paid than the MBA formula we may have been bequeathed by our education.

Life is a rich opportunity to invest our souls in many different expressions of love. While my business of helping to access truth and wisdom through intuitive intelligence does not have an industry affiliation, I continue to work with friends to shape The Conscious Business Network so that it can feed and nurture like-minded colleagues from the inside out. Our next meeting is 2/22/12 and I hope you'll join us if you are looking for this kind of group too.

Thanks for the inspiration, Dan!

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