Use Your Intuition to Win the Lottery?

Use Your Intuition to Win the Lottery?

It's tax time again. So I've been talking with my accountant, Jay.

As a result of our many conversations on the topic, Jay has been doing exercises to hone his intuition. And he has decided to apply his intuition to the matter of numbers. Specifically, he wants to see if he can use his intuition to win the lottery. He told me all about his successes so far.

Jay can get three out of four numbers right, but then that combination doesn't show up in the lottery for two or three days. He can get all the numbers, but then doesn't bet them that day, and the next day they are right. He asked me what he could do to get the sequencing right using his intuition.

When Jay gave me permission and said his name, I looked at his energy.  Through stories that emerged from another lifetime (or, if you prefer, from an archetype in his unconscious), it was clear  that Jay had been a person of great fortune and that he had powered-over the little guy to attain it. In this story, Jay did not come to ruin, but realized how alone he was at the end of his life, and how many others had lost their jobs and livelihood due to his actions.  He also decided that he is not entitled to wealth because others suffered from the way he used his money.

That story resulted in self-condemnation and the conclusion that money does not make happiness - and in fact, it distances one from relationships. As a result of these unconscious beliefs, it does not matter how good Jay is at accessing intuitive information. Those beliefs now prevent him from winning the lottery!

On the other hand, Jay is the kind of accountant that consistently offers advice that benefits his clients without commissions, and he is the best at sticking up for the little guy in an audit. While he maintains a "mom and pop" shop, Jay has learned to  love the little guy because he will not use his power for personal gain. He also has very amiable relationships with all of his clients.

In this life, Jay has the opportunity to forgive himself for what happened in that story, and to reclaim the power to build his company to a better bottom line. He can then allow the richness of his relationships to extend to the richness of his life on financial levels as well. All that intuitive practice will come in handy after all.

And maybe next tax season, I'll have to find another accountant!




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  • The consequence for using one's intuition to pick numbers, horses or the like is very severe. Our gifts are to be used to help other people. Jay's good sense is blocking this in my opinion. He learned a valuable lesson in his past and is wisely honoring it.

  • You bring up a rich point, Susan. He said, "But what if I want to win the lottery so I can give it to the charities I love?" What would you say to that?

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