A Heartbeat Away from Home

A Heartbeat Away from Home

Dacy has been weaving and bobbing through the intense pressure of being a single mom and entrepreneur. Yet, on the outside, she remains remarkably steady. Asking how I could help after she sat down in my office, she was general, as if she wanted a me to give her a tune up and spark plug check. No complaints, no angst. She seemed almost nonchalant.

It took a long look at her energy field to see how she had to wire herself on the inside to pull off being good at all the roles in her crazy life while seeming outwardly cool and competent. I could see exhaustion sitting just behind the structure into which she manipulated her feelings and natural expression. It was less that she believed that "all will be well" and more her belief that "I don't deserve nurturing or nourishment, but it is essential I give it to others" that fueled her calm countenance.

"Who else will help these people (family, friends, co-workers, clients, etc), and who will  assure they are safe in a good home and have what they need if not me?" her belief system prompted, as she worked at securing mortgages for people.

I saw a past life (or archetypal story, if you will) wherein Dacy was a wealthy man who had a dream so big that s/he would buy land and displace hundreds of people from their home and livelihood for the sake of its fulfillment - for the sake of everyone's future, as she saw it.

A former employee of Dacy's in that lifetime was related to a  family who had lost their home for the sake of Dacy's dream. He set up a competitive operation and deliberately put Dacy out of business. Lost and feeling betrayed, it took Dacy a while to finally see the injustice she had caused in the name of her own ideals.

This time around, Dacy has spent a lifetime in her work helping people find homes and sticking up for those who do not have the funds to pay their mortgage. While taking care of others this way and helping everyone around her to feel at home when they are with her, she has not found home inside herself.

Dacy's purpose is to reclaim her entitlement to self-nurturing and self-love. Here's how that was addressed through a visualization:

   "Dacy, your heart began beating before you were born and has not stopped supporting you since.

          It has seen you through birth and death and rebirth a hundred times in this life - always beating to the song of your intention in the moment. 'Run!' 'Walk.' 'Feel afraid!' 'I am joyful.' Your heart listens and responds to your every command.

          So now it is time for you to move into the home in your heart - the one that has been awaiting your notice for a lifetime.

Welcome home, Dacy."


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