Four Ways 2012 Will Support Your Success

Four Ways 2012 Will Support Your Success

After a record breaking number of clients and colleagues reported breakdowns of every kind in 2011 - from  job and income loss, to the loss of  a loved one. I am heartened to observe and support the beginning of client reconstruction, new paths and expansions as 2012 unfolds.

There is a buzz in the air and it seems to be awaiting your choices and the actions that align with them. Lots of "regular people" are becoming known overnight through YouTube, viral video or even reality television shows, to name a few. Getting your brand to market has become an exciting adventure using new innovations in interconnectedness.

And while achieving a way for your brand to be heard and appreciated above the din of millions of advertising and marketing schemes seems like the highest success possible, there are more important kinds of success that the spirit of 2012 will support.

Here are four ways to assure success and alignment with the energy of 2012:

1. Lead with Integrity - Stay in tune with your heart, be authentic in your spin and sell, and be careful about the allure of stardom and money-making as your primary motive. 2012 will be kindest to those who are working from the heart.

2. Focus on Relationship -  The quality of what you are selling and the relationships you form will determine the quality of your experience. Money is not happiness when you skirt these two important parts of success.

3. Follow Passion with Partnership - 2012 will support the collaboration of shared vision and values. It is time to know that you are here to bring one piece of a collective puzzle to the marketplace. Seek out and open to those who are meant to join you at your business table.

4. Be in Service as Your Goal  - We are in service to each other when we act out of what brings us joy; because then it spills over and goes viral, multiplying the blessings we are here to share. When a generous heart in service is your highest goal and hoped for outcome, 2012 will expand your reach.

Welcome to a new epoch of authentic global community!

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