Finding Wisdom through a Blizzard of Information and Networks

Finding Wisdom through a Blizzard of Information and Networks

Sometimes I feel like I'm standing still in a blizzard of information, being pelted on all sides. Yesterday, I open a website for further education, and find myself clicking "X" on three to four pop-up advertisements before I could get to the website. It feels more challenging than ever to find my wise voice - the one I know I can trust - to guide me through the everyday decisions. In fact, when there is a persistent challenge, I may not notice it until it really hurts. A friend sent me this video that inspired me today.A

As an entrepreneur, it is also challenging  to identify and cultivate a community of like-minded others. There are so many directions to go for networking - potential client networks, colleague networks, leading edge industry networks, alumni networks - not to mention networks for personal growth! I became exhausted reading the news and about upcoming events from all these wonderful sources! Recently I decided the best place to start was my spirit, so I joined Bill Epperly's group.

In an attempt to combine some of my professional communities, I founded the Conscious Business Network that was established so business people who believe in integrity in business and business relationships could gather.  This year, we will explore business challenges both through using intuition (I will do an Intuitive Business Reading in front of the group at the start of  each meeting to quickly identify the root cause of blocks), as well as engage in authentic dialogue to more closely explore the applications for our own lives.

At the CBN, I have found colleagues, friends, resources, and leading edge ideas. When engaging in heartfelt dialogue, I find there are people whose energy intrigues me and compels me to want to spend more time with them. Over time, I have asked to become clients for their work, or they have asked me. In one place, I find many blessings -

especially since the focus is to reduce the noise and increase wisdom! If that appeals to you, please join us for the next meeting!

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