Leading from the Heart

Leading from the Heart

"I can't find the middle of my head!" said one of the participants. "Nothing happens for me when I finally did find the middle of my head!" complained another.

"Then go to your heart," I replied., "to that place where only you and the God of your heart - Whoever or Whatever that is for you- are allowed to go," Taking a moment to try that out, I immediately heard, "Oh, this is great! I totally get it!"

In utilizing intuition, the middle of the head is known as the neutral place - the place from which you witness events, interactions, and challenges  - without judgment. Yet, there are some people for whom this is not the best place to understand what is truly happening in a situation. If your nature is compassionate and empathetic, you may need to meditate a little south of your head - and straight into the middle of your heart.

When you focus in your heart, you experience the feelings that fuel others' reactions in a relationship, and it moves you toward understanding and compassion. For you, the witnessing place is your heart - which also offers the wisdom required to best respond.

The heart is, in fact, the seat of our relationships - with self, with other, and with the Divine. When you locate your attention right there - and wait - you may receive the images, voices, and healing that you need.

Here's a way to do that:

(Use a timer and start with five minutes)

  • Relax and breathe - that alone may be a new concept!
  • Locate your attention in the middle of your heart - to "the most sincere" part
  • If it is challenging to stay focused there, listen to your heart beat
  • No matter what else happens in your mind, return to the beat of your heart

End with a thank you to your heart, remembering that it has not stopped working for you one second since you were born!

Then let your heart shine and be seen - so others can remember their heart too.

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  • Do you really teach other people that ghosts exists and they can communicate with the deceased?

  • I recommend that everyone talk to/pray for/meditate on their loved ones who have passed over. There is no one - living or deceased - who do not benefit from our loving intention toward them. If you read Mary Winkowski's book "When Ghost's Speak", you'll have a better education than I can give about the nature of ghosts vs. those who have passed into the light.

  • Beautiful, Therese. I'll be sharing this exercise.

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