Christmas Light

Christmas Light

This sacred season started with the Solstice on December 21st - the darkest day of the year;  the time of shortest light. It is also marks the beginning of the expanding light. Christmas coincides with this time of year, allowing us to reflect on the new Light that is to come. Emmanuel.

I remind myself that the Light of the World was born in a manger with animals, not in a four star hotel. Yet Jesus had a star-studded set of gifts. Even from His first days in the stable, Wise men brought presents that surely marked Him for greatness. Jesus had the power to solve everyone's problems - to just take them away. He could address every audience, and had vast possibility for branding himself a King, a great Healer, a man destined to make history.

Yet, when He was given the opportunity to choose any of these titles or career choices in the desert, He decided to invest His inner wealth and power to tell people stories that moved them to peace; that rattled them to invest in their lives in earnest; to heal them - with the directive to move on and not to make choices based on fear again.

His message was that forgiveness brings Light to the soul, life to our inner and outer relationships, and a pathway for the experience of Oneness. When forgiveness is openly received as the unearned gift that it is, humility mixed with unspeakable gratitude is the only possible response. And the light of new life begins again. Christmas is born with every sincere act of forgiveness - given and received.

In 2012, let us inspire each other not to be afraid of our fears; let us make forgiveness the highest currency of  our relationships; and let us remind each other how rich life is when the journey is undertaken with a commitment to See underneath and beyond the surface.

Merry Christmas.

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