Farewell to Our Beloved Maggie Daley

Farewell to Our Beloved Maggie Daley

What a gift Maggie Daley has been to our city! How much we will miss her grace, her style, and  her good will.

I had the distinct privilege of working with Mrs. Daley in her position as the President of Pathways Awareness Foundation, begun by Chairwoman, Shirley Ryan. The Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness about the benefit of early detection and early therapy for children with physical movement differences.. Over several months I consulted with their management team in setting their strategic vision and continuing leadership in this field. 

Mrs. Daley's contributions in the meetings revealed her to be one of the most socially and emotionally intelligent women I have met to date. She could look at a situation, and in an instant, know whose brains and hearts would best serve and be served by their involvement, and which stakeholder might inspire another stakeholder. Mrs. Daley did not suffer fools gladly, as she was all about assuring the right things happened using  integrity, focus, and fortitude. She was willing to learn new things, to connect the best resources and people, and to stay the course for the sake of the children who would ultimately be helped by the team's efforts.

Maggie Daley read people's hearts and motives faster than some people recite their names. There was no one who was left outside her grace. No one in the room - whether lunch server or high level contributor - escaped her notice and acknowledgment. She stood for the greater good, and she used every ounce of position power she had to forward important, heartfelt city-wide programs and projects.

The few times she referred to the Mayor and her children, her deep affection, respect, and support were unequivocal. It was clear that she was enormously and quietly proud of her beautiful family. Maggie Daley was a faith-filled woman, tireless in her uncomplaining determination to leave Chicago a better place for those whose voices were not on the power table than when she got here.

Well, you have fought the good fight, Mrs. Daley. You have won the race on our behalf. Thank you for the blessing of your presence and the great gifts you have left us. We will remember you with respect and gratitude.

May the Light of your new Home surround you in joyful Love.

Farewell, Maggie Daley!

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