Conscious Business and Corporate Self-Interest

Conscious Business and Corporate Self-Interest

Join us tonight at the Conscious Business Network at Primitive from 6-8:30pm to explore the intersection of  intuititve intelligence and your work - and to receive mini-Readings that support your greater intuitive awareness!

The number 11 is said to be about balance. We are entering a post 11-11-11 world, where  expressions such as Occupy Wall Street, that differ from the traditionally embraced business paradigm, will gain power.

The politics of self interest is a marketplace organizing principle that is currently being challenged. 

When I look energetically at a person who comes to me with a challenge, there are no "fixes" that create a foundation for a better future until fear-based beliefs - that are at the root of the challenge  - are uncovered and faced. Through the intelligence of the unconscious mind, defenses are believable Hollywood fronts that make us laugh and cry and hope and wish, just the same as a compelling movie does. So then, it is important to ask, "around what belief does the character or situation revolve and evolve?"

Self interest is built as much into our Constitution - which speaks to the inalienable right to individual happiness, leaving out accountability to our neighbors - as it is in our Corporations, built exclusively on profitable shareholder happiness.

As we move toward more Conscious Business, the continuing financial breakdown is good cause to ask about the often invisible organizing principle of our global marketplace reality - and to explore whether self-interest alone is simply a legislated fear-based belief.

When we create forums for greater awareness about the efficacy and sustainability of this organizing principle, we can also embrace  the Japanese character that pairs Crisis with Opportunity. The Crisis here is igniting opportunities to address challenges left in its wake.

For example, through social media, consumers can insist upon businesses employing values such as integrity and transparency. At the Conscious Business Network, we are committed to these values and to stimulating our imagination about their application in our work and lives.

Come join us and add your voice to the emerging wisdom!

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