11-11-11 Continues

11-11-11 Continues

Did you feel it? Did you participate? Did you survive it?

Whatever you did or didn't do, there's still time to contribute to this 11-11-11 World!

If you are intuitively sensitive, you felt and continue to feel more musical notes in the air. It is like a symphony played by angels with an opening concerto called Remembering What is Positively Possible in the Human Story.

100,000 people were meditating both together and on line last night, sending Mother Earth collective love. We are encouraged to continue this for the next 11 days.

Please connect to The God of Your Heart and meditate with loving thoughts for the Earth and all her inhabitants!

Michael Fitzpatrick, who has played the cello in accompaniment to The Dalai Lama and the Christian Monks'  chanting in a Missouri Cave - producing both a CD and an upcoming movie about Tuning the Planet - played last night in Evanston. His music connects the human heart to the heart of Mother Earth. Michael is one of the many Connectors currently grounding the new reality.

Developing intuition is a must in this pre-2012 time so that every person's wisdom may find it's expression and we may share the richness of our world in a whole and new way.

I am proud to announce that in this month's Michigan Avenue Magazine, (page 130 if you get the hard copy), I am featured in regard to how I use intuition with grounded business knowledge and experience.

It's called "Angel in the Office" and I invite you to read it, and then peruse my new website: the Center for Intuitive Intelligence.

Time to let your intuition out and let your inner Angel shine!



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