Unending Opportunities

Unending Opportunities

As we experience the dismantling of institutions that have garnered our loyalty for decades - from traditional financial services to medicine to education to government - it is easy to find reasons to feel depressed and even hopeless.

Yet, the Japanese remind us that where our egos interpret crisis for our future, the human spirit will find and interpret an opportunity for new expression.

At the Imagines and Voices of Hope Conference a few weeks ago, a college student said, "Don't worry. No matter how bad the legacy you hand us, we will find a way to a better life. We won't be sitting on our hands until we're 80!"

Take this young man who found an extraordinary way to say "I love you," and who reminds us that the Heart will prevail.

When you are done laughing, witness the inspiration of another voice who demonstrates that even global tragedy will not abate the human spirit.

Then give thanks that Love will not be defeated...and that hope is ever alive.


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