Sucking It In

Sucking It In
Just Can't Stomach It!

When politics prevails in business, workers walk around with a lot of stomach ailments. That's because the solar plexus area- the area around the rib cage - is all about identity, self esteem, role and responsibility. Imagine how much of that is tied up in corporate politics!

Stored within this part of the body is information regarding the:

  • power-over game, that has to do with whose opinion gets to win
  • anxiety about what those who have position power over us think about those of us on the lower rungs of the firm
  • worry that we won't move up
  • thinking about how to make more money
  • concern that our responsibilities are overwhelming or that we are underutilized
  • wondering who we will be or what it will mean to our family if we fail or we change jobs to one with less status or money.

These situations cause stomach pain, digestive disorders, ulcers and obstructions because "we can't stomach the situation." And fear is at the bottom of all these feelings. We cannot digest fear because it is not true, it is only a belief.
Intuitive intelligence to the rescue:
Go to the middle of your head -the third eye. Stay there a few minutes. Imagine you are looking down into your stomach area from the middle of your head.
Notice how that stomach is feeling or the images, sounds or sensations that emerge as you witness it. Move into your heart. Then, send compassion and gratitude to your stomach. Send it appreciation for the ways it tries to sort out your life and beliefs. Just stay with appreciation and see what happens.
Ask your stomach if it will tell you what is most important about it's upset right now...wait...stay...wait...stay
Then gently move your attention back to the middle of your head and ask the question related to your stomach's upset. Let your neutral third eye give you some kind of information in whatever way it wants. Say "thank you".
Congratulations! You are on your way to a better flow in your life, from what you take in to what expression you allow out!

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