Developing Intuitive Intelligence

Developing Intuitive Intelligence
Stay with Your Intuitive Connection

Each of us has intuitive intelligence that helps us connect with our inner truth. Try this:

Remember a time when you had a luminous experience. Remember it now. Whether it was the first time you fell in love, or the first time you watched a loved one pass on, or the first time you looked into your baby's eyes, or a time when you were in an accident and you nearly died or thought you might.

How do you describe those moments to yourself?

Do you say, "I heard a voice..." or "I saw a brilliant light..." or "I sensed a presence..." ? Each of these descriptions is a clue as to what sense you use to access your wisdom and truth. You may use your ears, eyes, feelings, sensation or heart. Whatever you use, it is your portal to the truth within.

That's why some people find their truth by walking or running; others by sitting and listening in; and still others by noticing the beauty all around them. Whatever your portal is, nurturing it consciously improves your intuitive intelligence.

Keeping your "portal to inner truth" as an intimate Friend is vitally important to your health. Being out of balance, in body, mind, or spirit is an indication that you have been neglecting the very thing that brings your truth to Light.

When you are out of sorts, think about paying attention to your intuitive portal to your inner wisdom.

Developing Intuitive Intelligence is the act of strengthening your portal by staying with the quiet impulses until they have greater authority among your other priorities and finally gain your attention.

When you attune, stay… and then follow the prompting. You will eventually gain ready-access to your "truth teller".

And wouldn't that be nice to have in a pinch?

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