Businesses Cry Too

Businesses Cry Too

One CEO wanted to take her company from $30 million to $50 million in a marketplace that that was yielding lower profits for most of the competitors in his industry.

As she and I mapped out a plan to transform the organization, I informed her of another consideration. All the people in her company have been energetically holding the idea that success equals a $30million business outcome.

Their mindset, actions, expectations, and processes create an energetic field that  maintains this the norm. Along with the many other factors involved in a change process, how do you shift that?

The change process in organizations requires that people die to the reality they have known. They literally have to open the edge of their Map of Business Reality to allow for a different world to emerge. That is a process that feels unsafe - the same way it does when you open to the possibility of getting married rather than just dating or even dating seriously. Big leap there!

There is a time when "I don't know what I don't know" throws people into resistance, confusion, and fear. At that point, it is helpful to acknowledge that the way things have always been is dying.

If the organization has space and permission to talk about the way things have always been - the good and the challenging - people have the opportunity to consciously acknowledge that things are changing.

This gives them permission to feel badly about losing the old way, and also an opportunity to decide how to bring forward the best of the old, and bury what was never comfortable or productive.

The more you understand what part of the change process you are in and acknowledge what it is like to emotionally be there, the faster you and the organization can move forward.

$50 million here we come!

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