The Conscious Business Network Rocks!

The Conscious Business Network Rocks!

I left The Conscious Business Network last Thursday night feeling fed and happy. It was a full and rich evening!

Scott Flansberg, known as "the fastest Human Calculator",  by Guiness Book of World Records, wowed us with his speed at calculating math. He told us how he loves helping kids around the world to be fearless in Math through his Mathletics and iCount program!

Austin Walsh and Chris Stark of gave some hints about monetizing programs and products through social media.

Clare Kunkel, Director of Program and Development for The HEAR Foundation's project in Guatamala talked about how she is coaching marginalized young women to be successful in the jewelry business.

Dan Hurley, M.D., Physiatrist, shared stories about how we can unwittingly give our power to doctors instead of using our power to go beyond expectations of ill health.

We learned that most of the participants wanted bathe in the light of the Conscious Business Network group - a place where people in business share values of integrity and transparency.

Whew! There are more inspirational people standing in line next to us that we may imagine...


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