Neutrinos Messing with Time!

Neutrinos Messing with Time!

As an Intuitive, I am thrilled with the new report that European scientists have measured "subatomic particles called neutrinos moving at just a shade over the speed of light.

According to Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity, that can't be, since light, which cruises along at about 186,000 miles per second (299,000 km/sec.), is the only thing that can go that fast." (for details)

If validated by other scientists, like those at Argonne Labs near Chicago, every science book ever published would need amending. And Planet Earth will start learning about the true nature of time and space.

If, as NPR's reporter and astrophysicist, Frank Adams says, this is like "being shot before the trigger is pulled", then what are the ramifications for healing, for changing our life or our minds?

When I look at energy holographically, the future and past appear in distances from a person's body - as though it is how they are considering it that makes it past or future, rather than "the truth" of what is occurring.

We create a story about what happened and what it means, which then triggers emotional, psychological, and physiological responses that impact our health and aging process.

What if this discovery gives us greater permission to rewrite our memories or perceptions in time. What if what we perceived to have happened first actually happened second?

I'm excited that science is giving us the opportunity to play with edges of a Map of Reality that we insist are solid!


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    Terese, It was wonderful to meet you yesterday at the shoot. And, I too, saw this article and found it so interesting. I posed it on my facebook wall as soon as I saw it last week.

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